Lena & Leland Boone Zuni Fetish Carvings
       Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico


Calcite Frog
by Lena Boone,  Zuni

Just under three inches long, a glassy smooth calcite frog with turquoise eyes;
 bundle is made with a penn shell arrowhead, turquoise and red coral; unsigned.

 $44   Sale    $32    Found a new home (sold)


Art Glass Turtle
by Lena Boone,  Zuni

Lena and Leland Boone are among the few carvers with the skill and carving tools
needed to carve the difficult medium of glass. This attractive transparent art glass
turtle is one and a half inches high with red coral eyes;  unsigned.

$44   Found a new home (sold)


Hickorite Frog
by Lena Boone

Just over two inches long, a frog carved in light hickorite with bright turquoise eyes;
bundle is made with an abalone shell arrowhead and turquoise and heishe bead.
Signed with artist's full name.

 $36   Found a new home (sold)


Banded Travertine Mountain Lion
by Lena Boone,  Zuni

Three inches long, carved in attractive travertine banded in two directions;
turquoise eyes, mother of pearl arrowhead bundle with turquoise and red coral,
 $48   Sale    $36   Found a new home (sold)


Onyx Bear
by Leland Boone,  Zuni

Two inches high, an onyx medicine bear with turquoise eyes.
 Bundle is made with pink mussel shell arrowhead, turquoise
and red coral.   Unsigned

$36    Found a new home (sold)


Fluorite Frog
by Leland Boone,  Zuni

Deep purple fluorite frog with red coral eyes;  inlaid with
turquoise and red coral.   Unsigned

$39    Found a new home (sold)


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