Zuni Fetish Carvings by Daniel Chattin
     of Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico

Double Fluorite Maidens
by Daniel Chattin,  Zuni

Always a wonderful stone with a smooth soft finish,
this fluorite double sided maiden is etched with
dragonflies and cloud symbols; pendant on one
side is bright turquoise and the other is red coral.
Just over two inches high, signed with artist's initials.

$119   Found a new home (sold)


Cameo Shell with Five Maidens
by Daniel Chattin,  Zuni

Five corn maidens beautifully carved into an attractive orange cameo shell.
Four inches high, a creatively designed maidens bundle etched with dragonfly
and cloud symbols and a Zuni Sunface.  Inlay includes turquoise and red
coral.  Signed with artist's full name.

    $450   Found a new home (sold)


White Bear
by Daniel Chattin,  Zuni

Just over two and a half  inches long, a light alabaster bear
with bright turquoise eyes.   Signed with artist's initials.

$98   Sale    $75    Found a new home (sold)


Azurite Malachite Maiden
by Daniel Chattin,  Zuni

Two and one quarter inches high, carved in rich blue
azurite malachite;  decorated with a red coral
pendant.   Signed with artist's name and Pueblo name Zuni.

         $250     Sale  $90   Found a new home (sold)


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As an enrolled member of the Zuni Tribe, I am a self-taught Zuni carver and have been carving for about 19 years. I started carving in 1994.  I am inspired by my family and other Zuni artists and their ability to create one of a kind pieces of art.  I prefer to carve both in various shells and stone but I will also carve in amber, cottonwood, cedar and sometimes in sterling silver.  The images I like to carve are of buffalos, bears , frogs, dragonflies, eagles, fish and various maiden figures.  I sign most all my work with either my initials or my full name.  I have entered numerous Indian art shows and have won awards from the following shows:
1998  Northern Arizona Place Museum  (2nd place)
1999 Santa Fe Indian Market  (1st place)
2006 Heard Museum Juried Competition (honorable mention)
 I also do custom sizes in my creations.
Thank you for your interest in my creations.
Daniel Chattin         2007


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