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by Fred Bowannie Jr,   Zuni

Three inches long, a Zuni stone bear with front leg forward and head turned.
The bear's eyes and claws of all four feet are made with penn shell.  Signed
with artist's initials.
Fred Bowannie Jr is a descendant of the Panteah family and is predominantly
known for his wonderful bear carvings, almost all of which are carved from stone
Fred has found or mined himself.

$240  Found a new home (sold)


by Terry Banteah (d),  Zuni

Two inches long,  a bright finely detailed fish carved in gold lip mother of pearl shell;
eyes are turquoise with jet inlay.  signed with artist's initials

 $72   Found a new home (sold)


Lepidolite Turtle
by Burt Awelagte,  Zuni

Close to two and a half inches long, a lepidolite stone  turtle with turquoise
eyes;  signed with artist's name and Pueblo name Zuni

 $48   Sale    $33    Found a new home (sold)


Little Turtle
by Christine Banteah, Zuni

One and a half inches long, a little turtle with bright turquoise eyes;
carved in tan Picasso marble, signed with artist's initials

$29    Found a new home (sold)




Jet Turtles
by Emery Boone,   Zuni

Wonderfully polished jet turtles with turquoise eyes;  clouds and rain inlay detail
made with pipestone, turquoise and mother of pearl shell.
Large turtle also has lightning bolt made with mother of pearl shell and turquoise.
Both signed with artist's name and Pueblo name Zuni.
 $64 for larger turtle     Found a new home (sold)

  $48 for smaller turtle    Found a new home (sold)


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